A program that prepares ninth grade students for the final exams that actually works. In-person and online learning.

96 % of our students have succeeded in the entrance exams last year*. In total we have prepared over 23 000 ninth graders**. 

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Verified reviews (checked by comparing personal information with internal database). 

Perfect organization, everything worked 100%, positive approach, substitution of primary school (my son finally learned the things from math and language to friends), great format that children use (videos, online, social media), teachers explained it better than in school. Too bad it doesn't work like that in Czech education!

Rated 4.8 based on 156 references on Google

Time spent for the preparation will pay off

Why choose ours?

  • Significant improvement For the preparation we use only Cermat* format tests. The kids often start the preparation with less than 20 points. However, thanks to our program, they can pass the final exam with 40 points or even more, which is a pretty good result.
  • We've got your back throughout the whole process The whole admission process is not easy. That's why we're supporting you! You will get precise instructions, reminders of the application deadlines, customer service line (we speak English and can also help you in another language).
  • 100% money back guarantee Customer satisfaction is a key element for us. If you are not happy with the program, we will refund 100% of the course fee without delay.

*The Czech and Math are the main for the Unified Entrance Examination (JPZ), and it is a mandatory part of the procedure to get into secondary schools in the Czech Republic. More information about the tests can be found on our website (in Czech) or the official website of the governmental organization CERMAT (www.cermat.cz).

  • we help you to relieve the stress thanks to professional lectors and the perfect simulation of the exam conditions
  • mock tests online or in person – according to your capacities
  • we recommend at least 10 classes, last year our unlimited subscription was the most popular (21 sessions)

Face-to-face or distant form of learning?

We can do it both ways. Which one suits to you?

In each study mode you get:

  • a complete package of test materials (2x test assignment, 2x worksheet, 2x key with solution procedure, 2x scoring sample sheet with instructions) – exactly what you will see at the final exam
  • ranking and the point limit to selected high schools – comparison with more than 80,000 ninth graders
  • unlimited access to a personal profile with all the necessary materials for the mock exams
  • test writing strategies – you will learn how to manage stress and schedule your time effectively
  • test solution and analysis – you will finally understand Math and Czech
  • 7 days a week email support for ninth graders and their parents
  • access to regular webinars and lectures with updates about the final exam
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee – if you are not completely happy with our services, we will give you a full refund

The mock tests preparation according to the Cermat methodology.

How do the various forms of preparation work?

f2f study mode with a detailed analysis

The tests take place in Prague 4 (every Saturday and Sunday). The full step-by-step video guide is available without limitation.

The course:

The exact simulation of the final test at school in Prague 4 includes writing Czech and Math tests, prompt evaluation, and an anonymous ranking of students.

Follow-up analysis of the correct answers:

Video guide, in which each task is explained step by step. Students focus on specific mistakes at their own pace and avoid similar mistakes next time. They can watch the video discussion at any time during the school year. For further explanation, students can use two 60 min webinars with lectors and ask for more details about the tests.

Distance learing with a detailed analysis

The tests and the step-by-step video guide take place comfortably from your home.

The course:

You can experience a simulation of the entire exam right at home. You will get a live guide, test writing, a detailed explanation of Cermat scoring system, helpful tips & tricks, instant test checking, and anonymous ranking. The sessions take place every Sunday at 8:55 am.

Follow-up analysis of the correct answers:

Video guide, in which each task is explained step by step. Students focus on specific mistakes at their own pace and avoid similar mistakes next time. Students can play the video analysis at any time during the school year. For further explanation, students can use 2 webinars (each 60 min) with lectors and ask for more information about the tests.

f2f study mode with a basic analysis

Students write the tests at school. The follow-up analysis takes place there as well.

The course:

The simulation of the final exam takes place in a school in Prague 4 every Saturday, and includes writing Czech and Math tests, prompt evaluation, and an anonymous ranking of the student’s placement for review.

Follow-up analysis of the correct answers:

You will get a 60 min. explanation with the lector in the classroom. The lector goes through the difficult moments in the test step by step, focusing on common mistakes and discussing about 2/3 of the test with the students. There is space for questions at the end of the class.

The program with the basic analysis cannot be specifically adapted to the each student. For a focused and detailed explanation, we recommend to choose f2f learning with a detailed analysis.

TIP: Do you need to come back and check the correct answers one more time? Additionally, you can buy the detailed step-by-step video guide for 380 CZK in your personal cabinet.

Pricing plan

8 sessions

  • CZ: "8 účastí"
  • I will get familiar with most of the typical tasks that may appear in a "final" exam

5 920 CZK 1 session = 740 CZK


10 sessions

  • CZ: "10 účastí"
  • I will get familiar with most of the typical tasks that may appear in a "final" exam
  • I will get a complete strategy for solving tests

7 200 CZK 1 session = 720 CZK

Book basic


  • CZ: "neomezené"
  • I will solve the most typical tasks that may appear in a "final" exam
  • I will get a complete strategy for solving tests + reduce the stress

14 900 CZK all upcoming sessions + online access to past ones

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Google ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ You can do it! Mock tests got 4.8 on the Google platform based on 156 user reviews. *Source: questionnaire survey conducted from 5.6.-20.7. 2023; 813 out of 5381 graduates completed the questionnaire. Success rate = acceptance to at least one of the two schools in the first round of admissions. ** Total number of students who passed our prep in the past 7 years.

The course of the mock tests

  • You choose the date and study mode

    You can choose the date and study mode during the purchase or in your personal profile. Have your plans changed? No problem! You can reschedule at any time and with no charge.

  • A few steps or one click

    Just come to our school, or join online from home. Even online, we will take care of the simulation of the exam environment.

  • We'll teach you how to pass tests

    Right before the test, we will explain the perfect strategy and give you practical advice as well - how to pass the test in the best possible way.

  • Faithful simulation of the test environment

    In a precise timeline, you are solving tasks according to Cermat format. There is also task prioritization and work with the record sheet.

    How do the tests look like?
    Download a sample in .pdf format.

  • Professional test сheck

    We will correct your record sheets promptly, using the same system that Cermat uses for the final exam. It helps to avoid unpleasant surprises.

  • Second test and checking

    After Math, we still have Czech part and the same procedure - writing the test and checking up.

  • Explaining examples in the test

    Professionals will explain the tests to you in person or in step-by-step video guide. Step-by-step video explainer can also be purchased separately after your class.

As a result?

After evaluating both tests and explaining how to solve all the difficulties in tasks, you will know exactly how to get the points you need. In your personal profile (CZ: Osobní zóna), you can see a transparent rating where you can compare yourself with other ninth graders applying to the same type of school.

Do not hesitate to book your spot.

Capacities are filling up fast.

I understand Czech and can complete the reservation myself

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 option to select dates during your purchase
 comfortable payment by card, bank transfer, or cash at the school
 automatic access to the personal profile + a certain place on the dates

I'll use your assistance with the reservation.

Leave us your contact details. Our team will reach you and sort everything out.

The education courses and supoort for our students and their parents is done in Czech language. Our customer support however will be happy to assist you in English.

Mock test schedule

  • 2. 11. Saturday 09:00 - 19:00 Available
  • 9. 11. Saturday 09:00 - 19:00 Available
  • 10. 11. Sunday 13:30 - 18:15 Available
  • 16. 11. Saturday 09:00 - 19:00 Available
  • 23. 11. Saturday 09:00 - 19:00 Available
  • 30. 11. Saturday 09:00 - 19:00 Available

You can always choose the specific day in your personal profile after completing your purchase

You often ask

Is it possible to make changes to the personal schedule later?

You can choose one or more terms during the purchase, as well as the training form – in person, online, etc. You can make changes with no problem in your personal cabinet (profile; CZ: Osobní zóna). The dates can be changed up to Thursday noon before the weekend when the chosen mock test takes place.

Do you prepare for various tests every week?

Yes, we do. Every weekend you can expect original Math and Czech tests. So you’ll go through all the typical tasks that can appear in the final exam.

How about post-test learning?

We focus our teaching (both f2f in school, step-by-step video guide, and live webinars) on the right task-solving. There is always at least 2x 60 minutes of learning (60 minutes of Maths and 60 minutes of Czech).

We emphasize the clear interpretation of the assignment, correct answers, and mistakes. Our program aims to help kids to recognize the type of problem, know how to solve it quickly, and easily handle a similar problem in a main real exam.

Are your tests based on Cermat format?

Our tests follow the structure, format and scoring of Cermat testing precisely. Tests are prepared by professionals, some of them have worked for Cermat in the past.

How does a 100% satisfaction guarantee work?

If you are not happy with our services, we will refund your money back. The conditions can be found here.

The personal cabinet

The personal cabinet (CZ: Osobní zóna) is an environment where all the materials are in one place.

You will find there:

What study mode is better for you?

The example of the f2f study mode with a detailed analysis:

Tomáš is from Beroun. His biggest fear is that he will not be able to concentrate during the test for a long time – so he will “make mistakes” out of distraction. That’s why he comes every Sunday to take mock tests. It is the perfect option for him because he does not miss the atmosphere of the full class, but at the same time, he does not have to be in Prague all day. As soon as he writes the tests, he goes home with the corrected and outlined sheets and takes a well-deserved break. Then he watches the video analysis at home – especially he goes through tasks where he wasnt sure or made mistakes. He plays the video several times to understand everything. Then he joins the live webinar for a while in the evening, asks a question. Then he is done with the homework. Friends are waiting!

The example of the distance learning with a detailed analysis:

Bára is from Olomouc, and she wants a precise preparation and has fun. She attends sessions every Sunday online. “Isn’t it boring? Isn’t it useless?”, ask her classmates. But Bára is not alone – she is guided through the test and won’t miss any instructions, tips, and tricks. She takes the test with a timer and even hears the sounds of the full class. Bara completely forgets that she is alone in her room! As a bonus, she can always ask questions during the session. In the end, she checks the sheets according to specific instructions. It gives her a significant advantage because she will know the Cermat scoring rules and will never hesitate again around “what will be recognized and what will not”. Then she goes through the video analysis (the full Math part, and the mistakes she made in the Czech test). She plays the video as many as needed until she gets everything clear. Later in the evening she joins the live webinar for a while and goes off to enjoy the rest of the weekend.

The example of the f2f study mode with a basic analysis:

Lucka is from Prague. What scares her most about exams is the stress and the missed material – what if there is something specific on the test that she accidentally missed at school and didn’t learn? That’s why she attends the mock test every Saturday – she repeatedly writes tests in the full class with other students, which helps to control her stress. Every Saturday she also has two live tutorials (60 min) with teachers, where she gets through material she didn’t catch in school. Once she is ready, she goes home with the corrected and outlined record sheets and can relax for the rest of the weekend. If she needs to check correct answers again, she buys a video analysis for 380 CZK.

An example of the mix study mode:

David swims competitively and likes to spend weekends at the cottage, and time flexibility is important for him. Sometimes he joins remotely from home, also he comes on Sunday (for a session with detailed analysis) to catch the training. If there is no swimming competitions on Saturday, he comes to the school for a session with the basic analysis. After all, he gets the best from the study program, and can keep up with all his hobbies. Perfect, isn’t it?